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Vortis Technology's array antenna technology is a revolutionary new antenna architecture for next generation mobile devices. Vortis Technology reshapes energy surrounding consumer mobile devices into a classic figure "8" radiating pattern. This unique pattern improves coverage and can extend distance while reducing energy loss to the head and hand.

Several improvements can be realized:
  • Battery talk time is increased from greater efficiency
  • Coverage is extended resulting in fewer dropped calls
  • Quality of call is improved from less signal garbling
  • Head & Hand energy absorption reduced
  • Allows most hearing aid users to use a mobile phone for the first time.
"Vortis Technology architecture is the most natural solution for mobile phones because it provides a balanced approach to performance, energy-shaping and integration cost within a simple, unique and effective package for today's and tomorrow's technology."
- Vortis Technologies

Vortis Technology was originally founded in California's Silicon Valley by a team of advanced antenna technologists in the interest of solving a 10 year old problem for the hard of hearing who can not tolerate the poor performance of typical mobile phones. The Vortis is based on the science of interferometry and comprised of multiple elements tuned to create it's unique propagation pattern. Because of it's capability to reduce RF energy laterally toward the head and hand, it significantly increases power and coverage elsewhere to create a clearer, stronger signal for your call.

Vortis Technology is a higher standard of embedded antennas in handsets, pda's and digital equipped cordless telephones. Imagine a wireless world where you can safely say - "I can hear you now"!

Administrative Offices
Palo Alto, California
Ph 650 595 8888
E. vortis@jamesrjohnson.net
Vortis Technology can provide carriers, handset makers and other OEM's with a new and exciting solution that will attract consumers, hearing aid users, enterprise and technology groups and governmental programs in a way that is unprecedented in the telecom industry.

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