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May 2011 - Just before testifying to the Environmental Quality Commission of the California State Senate on
SB 932, a bill protecting Cell Phone Consumer's Right to Know about Radiofrequency Emissions


Nominee for the UK's Prestigious VC "Deal of the Year" event in London; I considered this the highest potential achievement toward our capital goals that strengthened our global effort with many new technology and capital partners. This lead to India, So. Africa and other areas controlled by the Common Wealth

African Safari for Jaime, (daughter); Graduation Present for her outstanding service in psychology and her humanity; note the Hippo's, Alligators resting on rocks in the background. Our guide was wonderful as he grew up in the Krugar; had to remind him several times that apartheid ended.
This is where I learned that Eucalyptus trees that grow spiraling style in northern hemisphere is not an urban legend that they grow straight in the southern hemisphere. It's true.

On Jaime's African Safari, we traveled to Durbin to relax a few days. Was playing sax in local art house and invited to a recording Session with Joe Nina to lay a track down on their new song: "Let the Wind Blow." Lovely convergence of African, soft rock and ancient voices.

Halloween 2008, costume won first prize. I have to admit, I am my iteration of Indiana Jones; mountain and cliff climber, California surfer, cave explorer, scuba exotic seas, sky diver, sailer of tropical Isles and storms, swam with whales, dolphins and sharks & befriended indigenous people-all for the sport & joy of life.

Jaime, daughter and Beau; I'm proud of them both; got hitched July 2009. A real stand up solid guy; took me to lunch, asked for daughters hand in marriage and I didn't make it easy on him but he passed the "I take personal responsibility for myself and family" test.

Then he asked her to marry while on their Greece trip; she cried; then I cried; then everyone cried.

Ireland, Dublin, sitting in at Temple Bar; Playing "Danny Boy!" with heart. The ole gentlemen in the right rear was soooo appreciative; makes it all worth while. Music and playing sax around the world while working with associates is an amazing ice breaker and a means to meet locals in all walks of life--Rick Steve's conscientious ambassadors.

Washington D.C. working with FCC and Hard of Hearing Organizations to affect change to ADA cell phone regulations. Tele-com was telling FCC "it couldn't be done." That's when we entrepreneurs sense an opportunity.

“A cell phone that reduces energy to hearing aids also reduces energy to the head.”
When this happens, less energy is needed and 2 billion heads are happier--FCC got this!

Endorsements from several organizational leaders in hard of hearing & American National Standards Institute

China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII). They certify all new tele-com technology for release in China. They expressed interest in helping launch our new, exciting, technology that radiates energy away from the head for more energy toward sites and greater clarity. They promised to introduce me to Technology launch groups for China's 25 handset makers at the time; as a means to help launch our new technology.

California's Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place in the world in winter.

Jaime and me taking advantage of this beautiful area.

Yamaha 1100, 1980, with drive shaft; still one of the best motorcycles ever built. Traveling the California Coast is a wonderful experience via motorcycle so long as one drives safe. Been riding since 12.

Mother and her Brother; 2, he's 87; still ornery but loving and truly the "greatest generation." Willa Farnow and Lee Colby; two of the greatest who grew up riding a buck wagon in Okalahoma then watched space development and now can make a call anywhere from anywhere. Lee grew up and developed Northern California with his family, my cousins.

1972, we founded a company selling the first portable mobile phone. My passion for executive communications grew from this beginning as I was mentored by successful entrepreneurs; now I know how Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie felt.

This was a "Livermore Labs" briefcase phone that lead the way to mobility. $3500; now they're as low as $99. In my life, talking about carriers with a taxi cab driver in Beijing, New Deli and NY indicates how small our globe is and how common a bond we share with technology; as well how good the telecoms have advanced in their commercial enterprises.

Africa dad and daughter share an experience petting the Leopard at De Wildt Cheetah Centre. This reserve was founded by a Dr. and his wife and we made reservations on an off day so had the whole place to ourselves; This trip was after our safari trip; a gift for Jaime's Masters' graduation. So beautiful and powerful!

Palo Alto Home

For years my friends tried to get me to Burning Man but didn't see the need. A desert event that falls between Dead Heads and Goth filled with fun, naked people and technology types? Why didn't I go? Too busy; then, tickets, ride and prime real-estate camp site opened led by two dear friends Danielle and Daniel a week before so I went. I heard Obama had to sell his tickets for security issues.

Tradition is to bring something of value and share it. That's me with the 30' flag from my last wedding structure; climbing to the top and blowing in the wind on top the tower. Royalty Flag; in honor of my ex and new life!

Pebble Beach Golf Shot taken by Henry, my friend; when hair was still colored.

Never made it to "Hippie Status" since I wasn't into psychedelics [with so much reality going on why search for inner sightings]; though peace, love and laughter and safe SAX is my creed. Was going to SF in 67 and 68 as I grew up in Daly City; outside SF. We were the dirt bike motorcycles. I did love the Jefferson Airplanes as they played in Golden Gate Park and was named after my HS Jefferson

My favorite "past life" date (circa 84): I donated this date as a fund raiser for Pros for Kids; I was a bachler being auctioned. The date:

Picked her up at 10am, flying 10:30 around bay, whale watching from the air, then land and drive to SF Bay Treasure Island to commence sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, then coastal drive down to Pacifica for cocktails and sunset serenade with my sax; then dinner and home. Yes, that’s a Delorean. Okay guys, top this date make em feel like Queen of the Day!

More of that International Beat Music; Living in Scotland, I loved the local pubs on Sunday when local musicians gathered traditional, ancient and fun music. They graciously allowed me to join them with my saxophone any time the moment was right. My goal is to record some wonderful stuff with bag pipes, violins and flutes with that amazing energy and fight-for-love-and-country spirit of the Scots.

Invited to Parliament at a technology gathering showing off Vortis Array technology. Reminiscent of my Washington D.C. visits. Met with Jeremy Hunt; MP; very exciting for me to have reached this level of implementation with our new and exciting cellular phone technology and start up company in Scotland.

One of the Vortis, a love story, scenes is me, invited to the home of the founder of India's Telecom; now retired; timed to be invited to a wedding in New Delhi. Raj is my friend in SF. This is his parents and friends as we went out driving and had group hugs at the Presidential Palace.

My favorite photo of India. I walked across the city of Delhi and stopped at this hospital where people would visit their loved ones so I stopped and played. This couple's son was loving the music but then the nurse brought him back in, so I took a shot with his parents; Poverty: but nice!

Jaime, my daughter, I can never give enough because she appreciates all I give. We have a great friendship and I'm proud to have taken a leave from business when she was born so I could experience her first five years as I worked with her schools, teachers, etc. She's such a loving people person; using her psychology degree to help people in trouble.

Jill (now my ex) in Nuremburg, we ate at this wonderful family restaurant with the locals and had a wonderful time. Joined by my business partners, that night was magic as most of our travels had been.

Mom, 82, still active (albiet at home organizing), my source of endless energy of giving of ones self. We're too much alike so a couple of alpha dogs in the same room usually create a stir; never a prophet in your own home.

With my mom at Jaime's wedding; being driven by my mentor, Gene Daly

I could not be more proud of my son, Jayson. He's California's youngest Fire Captain and a popular DJ as well. Do we look alike?

Me and Jaime; I could not be more proud of her, either. She is the light of my life.

Playing Sax at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Menlo Park; bringing healing music to those in need.

Underwater Wedding I did in Stillwater Cove. I was on the radio the Friday before talking about it. Can you find me?